Hi, I'm Dane.

nice to meet you!

I’m a mixed methods design researcher, data scientist, and software engineer. 

I build & study data products to make people’s lives better.


Research Talks

Gesture & Healthcare

Talk given at the MindMeld series hosted by DeveloperTown, a software consultancy. The presentation covers how design in healthcare can benefit from Design-Based Research, a systematic approach to research that studies complex problems in real-world settings, that focuses on gesture analysis. Generalized design principles for healthcare design are derived from the data.

Gesture & Mental Models

Talk given to the QuantQualBridge Society hosted by Rosenfeld Media. We cover how gesture can reveal the mental models that people hold and provide some guidance for conducting better interviews. The analysis highlights the mental models that people hold about ML/A.I. and how the HCI decisions used by LLMs like ChatGPT can evoke dialogic mental models.

Big Data & Skills Assessment

Development of big data analytics to track skill acquisition from traces of user activity. Applies a competence assessment framework to telemetry data to provide insight into users' lab skill acquisition. Presentation to the annual gathering of the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education. 

Webinar: Data Insights

Webinar delivered on the use of Data Insights to support analysis of course health. This was part of the supporting multimedia ecosystem developed as part of marketing and Data Insights and instructing users on how to leverage it for common use cases.

Selected Projects

How do you deliver mission critical data to support logistics during a pandemic that is upending universities?


How can we improve the usability of Data Insights?


How can we measure the active time users spend engaged in critical on-task actions?


Mental Models ML/A.I.

How do people's conceptions of machine learning and artificial intelligence explain their experience of ML/A.I. powered designs?


Design in Healthcare

How can applications of Design-Based Research improve design decisions in high-risk consumer areas like healthcare?