University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago, IL. Doctoral Student, Learning Sciences. Disciplinary specialization in Chemistry.

Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IN. B.S. Applied Physics, emphasis in Chemistry.


Graduate Student Council Travel Award, University of Illinois-Chicago

Graduate College Presenter’s Award (Travel Award), University of Illinois-Chicago

Learning Sciences Research Institute Presenter’s Award (Travel Award), University of Illinois-Chicago

Fellowship (Tuition, Stipend) University of Illinois-Chicago


DeSutter, D., Stieff, M. (2013, July). Using head tracking to address representational competence in organic chemistry. Poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Gordon Research Conference for Visualization in Science & Education, Providence, RI.

DeSutter, D. (2013, August). Changing reference frames: Can taking perspectives on molecular structure help chemistry students better perceive spatial relationships? Presentation given at the second meeting of the International Spatial Cognition Summer Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.


Journal of the Learning Sciences. Outreach and audience curation.

The Field Museum. Frullania Project Redesign.